Armed with the Oracles mysterious ‘weapons’ , Corazon and Lance bravely walk up to the strange etablissment. Will they be able to defend the demonic doorman and enter this dark place… ?

ATTENTION ATTENTION !!! We would like you all to know , that the wonderful music for this dramatic EPISODE 12 , has been composed by our good friend the famous producer and musician Ralf Goldkind !!! HAVE A LISTEN AGAIN !!! Ralf Goldkind Homepage:


The magic paperplane led Corazon and Lance to the oldest recordstore in town.Once Again, they had already been expected. But nothing special seems to be inside the store – until the little heart that Corazon has found in front of the dark ‘etablissement’ falls out of her bundle….


Following the hint Mariachi had given them, Corazon and Lance make their way to the Alster….

But having arrived, there seems to be nothing there for them…

Until a mysterious bum starts laughing at them …. and approaching them… he seems to be having an important message….