HAMBURG HEARTBREAK – a fantastic webseries for young and old alike.
Created by Odile Pari and Marcel Parviz
Pure hearts and strong fists fight against evil creatures.
Wicked witches and enslaved young lads.
Magic cakes and bearded sailors.

Mystical chilis and great love –

all this and more !!

Listen to your heart, be part of the journey and help us to bring this story into the world !!

HAMBURG HEARTBREAK – in german and english – coming soon !

Hamburg Harbour


Corazon, a young woman with a heart so pure and true, lives a serene and joyful life in a small village far away and unspoiled from all modern development – sharing this ideal with her father and her great love Antonio.

But one sunny day – as if guided into this harmony by the hands of evil themselves – Antonio catches a glimpse of the pleasures that await in the modern metropole of Hamburg.

With a sudden fierce hunger to become a rich and famous rock star, he leaves Corazon in the perfect world behind- yet promising to return and take her with him as soon as he has achieved his goal.

When Corazon does not receive message from him for more than an eternity – counted by a lovers concept of time – she knows that something must have gone wrong. Determined to bring Antonio back home she overcomes her fears and follows him.

Upon her arrival in this world so alien to her she has to find out that her heart indeed has not mislead her – Antonio, her great love, has been enslaved by a wicked witch who is building up her sinister empire with all the young and innocent lads of Hamburg -right in the red light district of St. Pauli.

Corazon has to realize that her love alone will not be able to defeat evil…but her own hearts voice and the strong fists of her new friend Lance, a brave sailor, might guide the way to the infamous oracle of Hamburg, which is known to be of help in the most futile moments…

And one lesson she has to learn constantly all along the journey:

 Always, always, always listen to your own heart !
Corazon and Lance behind a tree


Hamburg Heartbreak was written and produced by Odile Pari and Marcel Parviz.

Odile acted in the series and created the unique soundtrack for each episode – Marcel shot and directed it and executed all post production. The project was realized without a crew and without financial funding – only with the help of all the dedicated and devoted people who have given their time, love, energy and locations, this story could be told.

Thank you to all of them !

mississippi ship


Odile Pari and Marcel Parviz have both been part of the industry for many years.

Odile as an actress, musician and writer, Marcel as a writer, director and editor . Bound by their taste for topics and stories a little out of the ordinary, they have already realized several projects together and many more to come…

home sweet home 


Odile Pari designed an individual soundtrack for each episode of Hamburg Heartbreak – lovingly underlining, emphasizing and reinforcing all the mysterious, magical moments.

Listen carefully to the music – and don’t forget to listen to your own heart !


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